Elite Coaching Testimonials

  • "Always interesting to see your reaction when I update you, your positivity on my development makes me come away from our meets more focused and with more of a sense of achievement rather than what I haven't done. "
    TS, Design Director - Newsco
  • "I’ve been working with Roger for almost 2 years and have found his coaching invaluable. Roger takes an impartial view, and is able to facilitate looking at situations from a different perspective. Roger has helped me with a number of business challenges which I have faced over the 2 years, all of which have resulted in positive outcomes. Since working with Roger, I’ve been promoted to a senior management position within the business and Roger has helped prepare me for this, and guide me through the introduction. I see Roger every 6 - 8 weeks, and it’s 2 of the most valuable hours I take for myself. "
    Georgie Whitaker, Director of Sales Operations - Stericycle Expert Solutions EMEAA
  • "Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom over the past year. Each of the ninety minute sessions has given me perspective, understanding and renewed enthusiasm. I have greatly appreciated all your help and I’m looking forward to taking my confidence into every business challenge I will face. "
    Peter Dixon, Member - New Entrepreneurs Foundation 2017
  • "Thanks very much for all the time you have given me over the past year, during a difficult personal time. You have really helped towards stabilising me at work, keeping on an even keel, keeping perspective and recognising what I am doing well! Thanks for all your time and skill – I have really appreciated it. Wishing you well with your work, and hope our paths cross again in some way. "
    Tony Halton, Director of Clinical Services - Barts & The London NHS Trust
  • "The development changes I have been through since working with Roger have been outstanding, not only recognised by myself, but by my peers as well, ranging from senior management to direct line reports. Roger has helped me believe in myself at a time I felt very vulnerable and lonely in the workplace, having recently been promoted into the senior management team when we started working together. Through the work we have done I have grown into this role and have a confidence in my leadership style but also in recognising my achievement and the right I have earnt to be part of the management team, whilst helping me identify areas I can still develop. Through the coaching sessions, I have also worked through a number of scenarios with Roger, enabling me to overcome troublesome situations / relationships with colleagues. I have found the sessions so hopeful, I have recommended a number of other people join the programme to help with their development. I have found it very easy to open up to Roger and know that what is said is in complete confidence and therefore feel that I can be completely honest and in turn get the best outcomes from these sessions. "
    Michelle Paice, Director of Quality - SRCL
  • "Just to let you know that I got the job! I'm thrilled. I'm handing in my notice today and so will start my new job in October. It was due to our last session that I decided to go for it so thank YOU very much. "
    Lucy Parsons, Senior Nurse Manager - John Radcliffe
  • "I really value the sessions I have with Roger. He has a manner that makes him very approachable. It has been easy to establish a good rapport with him. This has enabled me to talk about issues that I might have found hard with other coaches. This has been helped by him clearly stating the boundaries of confidentiality. All the sessions have followed my agenda and he has never put his own agenda onto the sessions. He has the ability to help me see situations differently in terms of being less self-critical, taking a step back and be less concerned about what others think of me. He’s always engaged in sessions and obviously takes time to listen, think and reflect/ask questions in a way that encourages me to make sense of things and consider different ways to view things/act. I have often felt motivated after sessions such as this, but with my sessions with Roger the difference has been that I have felt motivated to act and do things differently between sessions – which I have done. I know that I have given many scores of ‘5’ in this form – this is not because I haven’t thought about the question/answer but because I believe that Roger has been ‘highly effective’ in getting me to consider all manner of things and helping me to see a way forward and act on this. "
    Clare Daniel, Lead Psychologist - Bucks Healthcare Trust
  • "Now that our sessions have finished, I just wanted to write and thank you for helping me deal with some really difficult stuff and helping me see eventually where my future lay. I am now far happier running real engineering projects, but it took some hard thinking and long reflection to realise. Thanks for insisting that I keep on thinking it through until I finally got there. "
    TH, Associate Director of Engineering - Expedition Engineering