"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go…" - T.S Eliot

Executive Coaching

Are you too busy to have space and time to think? Does one of your team need to up their game? Do you find it difficult to prioritise in an increasingly frenetic business world? Are you new in post and want to make an immediate impact? Are you finding a difficult colleague increasingly frustrating? Are you the leader you want to be? At Elite Coaching, we are working with executives now in all these areas.

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HR & Organisational Change

Do you need help with recruitment, employment policies or the development of a staff handbook. Are you struggling with the performance, behaviour or the sickness absence of one of your employees? Do you need to change the structure of your business but are worried of falling foul of redundancy or TUPE legislation? Elite Coaching helps business owners and senior managers in small and medium sized enterprisers address tricky employment issues and plan successful organisational change. And we do not charge for offering help and advice over the phone or over a coffee.

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Team Coaching

Does your Board need to be more effective? Is the performance of your senior team less than the talent of its members? Do you have real trust and confidence in each other? Is everyone in the team really clear about your short medium and long term goals? Do you have the collective energy and drive to overcome any obstacle? At Elite Coaching we help senior teams develop trust and confidence in each other, clarity about their goals, certainly about their roles and steely determination to succeed together.

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Workplace Mediation

Is there a dispute developing at your workplace that threatens to get out of hand? Have you got team members who just don’t seem to be able to get along. Are you expecting a grievance to be submitted at any moment from one employee disgruntled about the behaviour of a colleague? At Elite Coaching we have qualified and experienced mediators who are ready to engage with both sides in disputes at work to try to find a workable and satisfactory solution without resorting to formal action.

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About Roger Rawlinson, Founder of Elite Coaching

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a member of the Association for Coaching and the International Coach Federation, Roger trained as an Executive Coach at Henley Management College in 2006, since when he has established Elite Coaching and has been coaching executives and senior teams across a broad range of sectors.

He has also trained as a Workplace Mediator with the London School of Mediation.

With over twenty years’ experience as an HR Director in the public and private sectors and two periods as a Chief Executive, Roger also offers HR Consultancy Services with an emphasis on change and organisational development.

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